How to test Cozy Recover Sales

To test Cozy Recover Sales, please follow the instructions:
  1. Go to preferences
  2. Change the text to your need. This will replace your page title.
  3. Choose the icon which will replace your favicon.
  4. Choose the effect. This is how app will display the page title.
  5. Make sure that your app is active!
  6. Wait for few seconds (It might take a minute)
  7. Open your store url.
  8. Now open a new tab or come back to this tab. In other words, make store's tab inactive!
  9. Observe the title and icon on your store's inactive tab with chosen effect.

Following Video demonstrate the testing of Cozy Recover Sales:


There is no need to do anything. App installs itself.


App doesn't leave a trace on uninstallation. You can simply remove the app from your apps in Shopify Admin as given in Shopify Documentation